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Find your next job while remaining calm and supported at each stage of the job search process.


I know a thing or two about the job search process.

I’ve been a corporate recruiter in service and manufacturing companies for over 20 years. I’ve reviewed thousands of resumes, and have spent hundreds of hours actively searching for potential candidates on LinkedIn to fill open positions. I know what hiring managers like to see on a resume and LinkedIn profile, and how to help you modify your resume to make it appealing and move you forward in the process.I’m also a certified life coach. With those skills, I can help you overcome the mental hurdles to achieve your goal, as we look at the thoughts that may be holding you back. I believe in a combination of process, taking action, and a bit of magic to help you find that next job.

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Resume or LinkedIn Review

In our time together, I will review your resume and/or LinkedIn profile, give you honest feedback and suggest edits that will make you more likely to move on in the recruitment process.If you want support through your entire job search process, we can talk about what that would look like too.

Kind words

6 Week Client

"Jennifer has helped me make huge strides in a few short weeks. With her help and guidance, my resume is completely updated and my LinkedIn profile is already putting me in contact with prospective employers. Jennifer has been instrumental in identifying my skills and helping me see what other jobs/careers I can excel in."

Kind Words

6 Week Client

"Jennifer helped me work through a decision making process to enable me to feel more confident in my decision with whether to stay or leave my current job. We also reviewed my LinkedIn profile, and I now have many different companies reaching out to me with different opportunities!"


About Me

A little about me personally… I’m married with two adult children, a dog and a cat. The coaching tools I discovered have changed my life in so many ways, including deepening my relationships, reducing my anxiety and following our dream of moving back to our home state of Montana.When I’m not coaching or matching candidates with opportunities, I love spending time with family and friends, reading, going for walks and hikes, journaling, cheesy reality shows, and a good brewery.


Resume Review Client

"Jennifer helped me update my résumé. She walked me through the details so that I can land my dream job. She explained how some of these details that we often overlook, can be the difference between getting hired or not. I know she is in my corner and wants me to get the job as much as much as I want it myself. Thanks a million Jennifer!"


6 Week Client

"Jennifer helped me make the changes to my resume that made me feel confident about it. Now when I apply to jobs, I feel like they should be considering me, based on my resume."

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